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The National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education

"Encouraging the use of mediation and other collaborative strategies to resolve disagreements about special
education and early intervention programs."

CADRE 2011 Symposium Sessions

Concurrent Session 1
1.1 The Exemplary Wisconsin Model: An ADR System Fortified by Stakeholder Engagement
with Nissan Bar-Lev, Jane Burns, Margaret Resan, Jan Serak, Patricia Williams, Nelsinia Wroblewski
1.2 21 Best Practices for Successful IEP Meetings
with Nick Martin
1.3 Utilizing Data to Guide Compliance and Promote Dispute Resolution Effectiveness
with Ron Geiersbach, Henry Millward
1.4 Pushing the Limits: Expanding Special Education Mediation into Suspensions
with Ana Espada, Rebecca Price
1.5 Positively Involving Parents in Their Child's Education
with Carol Bercos, Joy Bux, Priscilla Cuba
1.6 From the Art of Conflict Resolution to the Science of Conflict Resolution
with Gail Nugent, Marc Purchin
1.7 Where's the Problem? An "I Spy" Experience in Dispute Resolution
with Hillary Tabor
Concurrent Session 2
2.1 The Exemplary Iowa Model: Investing in Local-Level Dispute Resolution
with Paul Kiburz, Eric Neessen, Dee Ann Wilson
2.2 SpedEX: Resolving Disputes in a Trust-building and Child-centered Way
with Miriam Kurtzig Freedman
2.3 Exemplary Models of Parent Support: The Oregon r.i.s.e. IEP/Mediation Partners Program
with Karen Ripplinger, Leah Skipworth
2.4 Arbitration as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure
with James Rosenfeld
2.5 Moving from Agony to Ecstasy with IEP Facilitation
with Susan Bruce, Mary Eaddy
2.6 Recent Case Law: The Good and the Not So Much
with Barbara Bateman
Concurrent Session 3
3.1 The Exemplary Pennsylvania Model: Ensuring the Full-Range of Dispute Resolution Options
with Dixie Trinen, Kerry Voss Smith
3.2 Positive Parent Engagement Strategies: Optimizing Play of the Team
with Mont Hibbard, Edwin Litteneker
3.3 My Powers are Beyond Your Comprehension: Hearing Officer and Mediator Training/Certification in Compliance with IDEA '04
with Jim Gerl
3.4 Sustainable Approaches to Power and Communication in Long Term Conflicts
with Bernie Mayer
3.5 IEP Facilitation - 20 Tips and Techniques to Facilitate an Effective IEP
with Julie Gentili Armbrust
3.6 Stakeholder Engagement & Building Capacity at the Local Level
with Jo Anne Blades, Sharon House, Christa Knight, Andrea Kunkel
3.7 Online Case Management and Dispute Resolution Communication
with Clare Fowler, Jim Melamed
Concurrent Session 4
4.1 The Exemplary Oklahoma Model: Contracting with Institutions of Higher Learning
with Jo Anne Blades, Linda Jaco, Christa Knight
4.2 The Role of Family Organizations in Developing & Implementing an Effective Early Intervention Dispute Resolution System
with Diana Autin, Margaret Kinsell
4.3 North, South, East, West: Collaboration Works the Best
with Nathan Anderson
4.4 Special Education and Dispute Resolution in Times of Financial Austerity: A Discussion
with Robert Benjamin, Marshall Peter
4.5 Putting the Puzzle Together: Moving Beyond Quantitative Due Process Hearing Data
with Tracy Gershwin Mueller
4.6 Tools and Techniques for IEP Meeting Facilitation and Conflict Resolution: Balancing Diverse Teams Through the IEP Process
with Joyce Little Douglas Little
4.7 The Four Ways to Assure Mediator Quality (and why none of them work)
with Michael Moffitt
Concurrent Session 5
5.1 IEP/IFSP Facilitation Skill: Counter Proposal Process, A Technique to Gain Agreements
with Trisha Bergin-Lytton
5.2 Three Approaches - One Purpose: Early Dispute Resolution Strategies
with Gail Nugent, Marc Purchin, Elaine Talley
5.3 Resolution Meetings: The Ugly, the Bad and the Good
with Andrew Eulass, Kacey Gregson, Hillary Tabor, Dick Zeller
5.4 ADR in Special Education - How to Build Trust in a Mediation System When Distrust Abounds
with Adele Ciriacy, Jody Manning, Patricia McGinnis
5.5 Ensuring Self-Determination Throughout Mediation: Ethical and Effective Practices in Screening Cases, Preparing Clients, and Avoiding Coercion
with Timothy Hedeen
5.6 The Independent Child Advocate Program: A Unique Approach to Special Education Dispute Resolution
with Carlo Rossi
5.7 What's Brewing in the Kettle: Bringing Mettle to the Mediator's Toolbox
with Anita Engiles, John Reiman
Concurrent Session 6
6.1 Looking in the Rear View Mirror...Six Years of APR/SPP Data
with Dick Zeller
6.2 Exemplary Practices in Preparing Parents to Participate in Mediation and IEP Facilitation
with Sharon House, Charlotte Price, Karen Thompson, Nelsinia Wroblewski
6.3 How Apology Can Promote Exemplary Practices for Reducing Special Education Disputes
with Prudence Hutton
6.4 Mediation in Okinawa?: The Challenges of Providing a Spectrum of Special Education Conflict Management Services in a Worldwide School System
with Jonathan Beyer, Anita Engiles, Ellen Kabcenell Wayne, Leila Peterson
6.5 Rethinking Mediation Training: Intercultural Considerations in Knowledge Transfer
with Michelle LeBaron
6.6 Leadership Challenges Affecting Special Education
with Greg Abell, Karen Hannan
6.7 Resolution Options as New Practices: IEP Facilitation as Systemic Challenge
with Margaret Reed
Professional Development Institute - Session 1
7.1 I Have All These Skills, Now Why Don't They Just Listen?
with Sandra Blumenreich, Carole Boccumini, Jan Zager
7.2 19 Tools for the Facilitator's Toolbox
with Nick Martin
7.3 Trust is like the air we breathe - we don't notice it until it's gone...
with Cathy Fromme
7.4 Building a Better Mousetrap, or Insights on the Design and Evaluation of Dispute Resolution Systems
with Courtney Brown, Timothy Hedeen, Dick Zeller
7.5 Fostering Mediation in Culturally Diverse Populations by Understanding Techniques of Effective Cross-cultural Dispute Resolution
with Sukhsimranjit Singh
7.6 Have wig, will gavel...: Conducting a Due Process Hearing & Managing the Hearing Process
with Jim Gerl
Professional Development Institute - Session 2
8.2 The IEP/IFSP Facilitation Process Journey, Steps from Start to Finish
with Trisha Bergin-Lytton
8.3 Maximizing Mediation: An Experienced Mediator's Favorite Techniques
with Jim Melamed
8.4 Effective Communication that Really Works
with Jacey Tramutt
8.5 The SEA's Responsibility for IEP/IFSP Meeting Quality - the Minnesota Approach
with Adele Ciriacy, Patricia McGinnis, Wendy Watson
8.6 Reaching for Hope: The Interpersonal Neurobiology of Empathy in Early Conflict Management
with Sarah Peyton