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RAISE Article Details

Title: Equity and advocacy expectations of culturally diverse families' participation in special education.
Publication Date: June 2000
Authors: Kalyanpur, M., Harry, B., & Skrtic, T.
Source: International Journal of Disability, Development and Education
Volume #: 47       Issue: 2       Pages: 119-136
Abstract: The authors contend that the equity and advocacy expectations imbedded in the legal mandate for parent participation in the special education decision-making process directly contradict the hierarchy of professional status and knowledge on which the positivist paradigm of professionalism is based, and are also in conflict with the values held by many families from culturally diverse backgrounds, contributing to low levels of participation and advocacy. They argue the need for professional education to incorporate opportunities for professionals to identify the cultural assumptions imbedded in the field of special education towards more balanced and effective collaboration. (Abstract from publisher)
Categories: Policy & Practice

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