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"Encouraging the use of mediation and other collaborative strategies to resolve disagreements about special
education and early intervention programs."

RAISE Article Details

Title: Dimensions of Family and Professional Partnerships: Constructive Guidelines for Collaboration
Publication Date: Winter 2004
Authors: Blue-Banning, M., Summer, J.A., Frankland, H.C., Nelson, L.L., & Beegle, G
Source: Exceptional Children
Volume #: 70       Issue: 2       Pages: 167-184
Abstract: This article reports on extensive qualitative research (from 33 focus groups and 32 individual interviews) to identify which professional behaviors facilitate collaborative partnerships. Six themes emerged: communication, commitment, equality, skills, trust, and respect. Each is presented in depth, as well as in a table illustrating which behaviors contribute to each theme. The authors conclude that "common sense and human decency are at the heart of positive partnerships" between families and professionals. Implications for practice include recommendations for dialogue between parents and school officials to engage and clarify each of the themes above; these would not require extensive investments, but may return extensive benefits.
Categories: Research - Qualitative

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