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The National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education

"Encouraging the use of mediation and other collaborative strategies to resolve disagreements about special
education and early intervention programs."

Team Based Conflict Resolution in Special Education

by Marshall Peter, Anita Engiles, Susan Baxter Quash-Mah and Bonnie Todis

The IDEA '97 regulations specify that the mediation states must offer when a due process hearing has been requested are to be conducted by a single mediator. Team conciliation is offered not as a process that satisfies these requirements but rather as one of many options that may be useful, in addition to those that are legally required, when parents and educators disagree. Conciliation may be of particular value when those disagreements include issues of culture, gender or class bias.


Funding for this document was provided by Grant #H023M20010 from the Division of Innovation and Development, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, United States Department of Education.

Team Based Conflict Resolution .pdf
Team Based Conflict Resolution .pdf

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