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The National Center on Dispute Resolution in Special Education

"Encouraging the use of mediation and other collaborative strategies to resolve disagreements about special
education and early intervention programs."

Justice Center of Atlanta

976 Edgewood Avenue, NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
Fax: 404-523-3936

Overall Mediation Training and Consultation Services:

The Justice Center of Atlanta, Inc. (JCA) is a private, non-profit mediation center. We were established in 1977 as a pilot project. We have conducted over 60,000 cases which have come to us out of court-referred programs, federal agency entities, private companies and individuals as well as through Special Education organizations. JCA has conducted Georgia Special Educations since 1982. Our Mediation Certification Training programs are known worldwide. We teach and espouse the single mediator, facilitative mediation model which, we believe, is the most appropriate in the resolution of Special Education disputes. In addition to mediation training, we conduct seminars in Conflict Management, Facilitation, and Team Effectiveness. Our training staff consists of five persons and numerous consultants. On average, we design and implement over 60 training events each year.

Familiarity with special education, early intervention and IDEA '97 regulations:

JCA began working in the area of Special Education mediation in 1981 when the staff had the foresight to realize that disputes in this area were going to become more litigious as new legislation was passed. Two of our JCA staff have Special Education backgrounds prior to working for the Jusitce Center. All of us continue to remain involved in the legal aspects of services for students with disabilities. A familiarity with IDEA '97, Section 504, ADA, and EI programs is a part of our knowledge base as we conduct mediation conferences or mediation training events. All of our staff mediate actively and througout each year.

Additional Information:

JCA has several options available to states, locaities and individuals who want information about our services: I. Training Classes - 20+ hour class in mediation techniques offered at least twice annually at JCA and by contract at your site. II. Conduction of mediation cases - We will send a certified Special Education mediator to your location to conduct cases on an individual basis or we can contract with you to conduct multiple cases. III. Technical Assistance - JCA has experienced staff who can assist you as you set up and conduct your mediation program. IV. Conflict Management Seminars - Our staff can plan and implement these seminars, usually one day in length, for a variety of audiences and tailored to meet your needs. V. A combination of any of the above options can also be explored and designed to meet the unique needs of a state or local entity.

Trainers & Consultants:

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