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"Encouraging the use of mediation and other collaborative strategies to resolve disagreements about special
education and early intervention programs."

Bergin-Lytton, Trisha - M.Ed., Mediator, IEP Facilitator, Trainer & Behavior Consultant

P. O. Box 549
Tijeras, NM 87059
Fax: 505-286-0646

Overall Mediation Training and Consultation Services:

Trisha is a practicing IEP/IFSP Facilitator and Special Education Mediator who combines those day-to-day experiences within her trainings. Trisha's trainings concentrate on practical hands-on information and small group activities that provides the participants with successfully implemented strategies and procedures to mediate special education issues and/or facilitate IEP/IFSP Meetings. Trisha's philosophy of accomplishing preparation tasks with the parties prior to any ADR type meeting is obvious in the foundation of her trainings that focus on activities to accomplish with the participants which assists them to be proactive, student-focused and resolution oriented, thus more productive at the meeting. Any training is customized to address the needs of a given organization in any state.

Familiarity with special education, early intervention and IDEA '97 regulations:

Trisha is a former special educator and special education administrator. Since 1974, she has implemented conflict resolution skills in public school systems, private residential treatment centers, community and government agencies, and corporations as a special education teacher, special education administrator, consultant, trainer, facilitator and mediator. Through 1990 as a school district and residential treatment center school administrator, Trisha conducted and/or participated in over 4,000 IEP meetings during her tenure with various school districts. Through June 2015, as an independent contractor, she has mediated special education issues or facilitated IEP meetings in over 445 cases.

Additional Information:

Trisha earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Education-dual majors in both Elementary Education and Special Education and a Master's Degree in Education-Administration with emphasis in Special Education. Trisha's licensures include the following: 1)Special Education Administration K-12: OH,FL,TX. 2)Administration K-12: NM. 3)Emotional Disturbance Instruction K-12: FL,TX. 4)Intellectually Disabled Instruction K-12: OH,FL,TX. 5)Special Education Instruction K-12: NM. 6)Elementary Education Instruction K-8:OH,FL,TX,NM. *** All NM and TX licensures are current.*** Trisha completed her basic mediation training in October 1993 in Houston, Texas with additional advanced trainings in Family mediation, Transformative mediation and Special Education mediation. Trisha has conducted trainings in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution with various LEA and SEA General & Special Education Administrators, Teachers, Related Service Providers, independent contract mediators and facilitators, attorneys, parents and advocates/mentors.

Trainers & Consultants:

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